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  • "Shimmy" Dies trim drawn stampings & extrusions up to .250 material thickness.
  • "Shimmy" Trim Units end trim bent or hydroformed tubular components.
  • Brehm Tube Cutting Machines produce burr free cuts up to 6,000 parts per hour. Make thousands of cuts between sharpening, including stainless steel.
  • Ringmaster Tube Cutoff Machines for heavy wall, short cut lengths. Ideal for copper & brass products as there is no loss of material between cuts.
  • Ultimate Single Pass Tube Cutoff Machines provide accurate part lengths using a servo-driven feed system. The ultimate process for cutting stainless steel.
  • Vulcanaire line of products turn any machine tool in your shop into a high speed jig grinder.
Vulcan has been helping our customers solve problems for over 90 years. Some of Vulcan's past customers include Budd, Hughes, Formet, Modatek, Metalsa, Tower.
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